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Chad Wheeler, Tattooist & Resident Artist Doublesoid Apparel

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It is a cliché that you must suffer for your art. But then, a cliché usually becomes a cliché when it’s true. This one is true. Just ask Chad Wheeler.

Twenty years ago, Chad worked the night shift in the incubator for a yogurt company. The job was hot, gross, and overnight. It made no use of his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

Even if the working conditions had been ideal, overnight work is now recognized as dangerous and profoundly unhealthy. The schedule causes reduced alertness, sleep deprivation, and perhaps worst for Chad, isolation from family. He was newly married at the time and had two kids. He is the other half of DOUBLESOLID's founder, Michelle.

Frustrated with the yogurt, he started calling on tattoo shops to show his portfolio. Eventually, he landed a gig as an apprentice at a shop in Nashua. Paradoxically, nights in yogurt purgatory were now his “day-job,” while he worked days to learn the business of tattooing and refine his art. One apprenticeship led to the next until he eventually landed as a licensed tattoo artist at Scorpion Tattooing in Derry.

The story doesn’t end there but continues for the next decade — a decade of creative and successful tattooing. Hundreds and hundreds of people proudly wear his designs on their bodies and recommend his fine line and detailed work to others. 

Today he continues creating striking tattoos for customers at Scorpion Tattooing. He also provides original designs for DOUBLESOLID clothing. You can see his particular influence in our Flashion line.

You can find Chad’s work on Instagram @singleneedle. Interested in getting work done? Give the shop an old school phone call he'd be happy to discuss your next piece!

Visit Scorpion Tattooing's website and drop a line to the shop 603-434-4798.