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Tina DeMember- What is EFT and How Can it Help You?


Do you ever find yourself reflecting back on your life and realize how much you have learned about yourself over the years? I get a lot out of reflection. Mainly, reflection on my youth as  I gain new insight into my present day interactions with others. By learning from how I perceived then reacted to events and emotions as a child, I now see how my thinking resulted in a mindset shaped by those perceptions and understand more of the behaviors that followed. 

The youngest of three children, I grew up feeling invisible. I immersed myself in books, even volunteering at the local library, so I got first dibs on the new arrivals! I often kept my words and thoughts to myself, especially if they pertained to emotions. It was safe. There was no ridicule or criticism when being quiet. Fast forward many years (ok, decades!), and silence's impact is now exceedingly clear. Years of holding emotions inside resulted in mild obesity as a teen and an endless battle with weight and the associated self-esteem and self-worth issues. In addition, keeping my feelings and thoughts to myself built resentment in relationships. I told myself I was being strong, yet the reality was that I felt my opinions and views didn't matter to others. It became a behavior loop that I kept reinforcing, no matter how much it hurt. In 2004, my healing began to unfold in ways I couldn't have predicted.

It started with weight loss so I could keep up with my young children and eat healthier so they would learn healthier eating patterns than I did. In 2012 I began dedicating time to myself; a single Zumba class eventually led to a gym membership, weight lifting, and a new appreciation for feeling strong and vital. I wanted to share that with others and became certified as a personal trainer with my small business. I continued learning and became certified as a nutrition coach, health coach, and Reiki Master.

Yet, with all I offered, something was missing that I couldn't grasp. And then, I learned of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (or 'tapping'). EFT/tapping is energy psychology. I work with others to address the underlying emotions and specific events resulting in stress, fear, relationship challenges, chronic pain, food cravings, and more. While many how-to videos are available online, these often provide minimal benefit to those who follow along. Why? The individual guiding the tapping online is not being specific to your issue, emotions, experience, or thoughts.

They are tapping globally, and it's too vague to provide significant long-term relief. They are not interacting directly with you, listening to you, and adjusting to meet your unique experience. As an accredited certified practitioner, I work 1:1 with you, addressing the specific aspects that are important to you. Sessions are client driven; you are the focus. What does tapping look like in session? Once we identify the issue, we notice the uncomfortable emotions that arise and any physical sensations that accompany those emotions and memories. I then guide clients to self-tap with their fingertips on specific parts of their body and head (acupressure/tapping points) while repeating key phrases, which often include self-acceptance.

This process releases the emotional energy and associated physical discomfort, thus peeling back layers for connections to other emotions and memories that are related. We continue to work through these connected aspects gently. The result? Relief and a reframing of the events and emotions that have been holding you back. Well-being. How many sessions does it take? Each person is unique in the experiences that have impacted them. Some people can address issues of concern in a few sessions while others benefit from additional time. There is no magic number of sessions that resolve matters of the mind! I teach clients how to self-tap to regulate their emotions or continue the work done in sessions.

Like most modalities that soothe the body and mind, continuing practice on your own will yield the most significant rewards! Are you interested in learning more? I welcome you to visit my website, ww.tinademember.com; there is a Resource section where you can learn more, including the research that supports the benefits of EFT/tapping. You can also schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation online or email me at livewellptaf@gmail.com. If you decide you want to try EFT, mention DOUBLESOLID (or enter DOUBLESOLID as a coupon code) to receive 10% off an initial package of sessions.

And while I choose to have a limited social media presence, you can follow me on Instagram @demembertina for the occasional health, nutrition, or inspirational post I put up there. And finally, now and then, I get asked about the seagull logo. It's a photo I took in Maine one cold December morning.

I was thrilled to have captured the gull silhouetted against the rising sun. It reminded me of a quote from a beloved childhood book:

"You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way." ~ Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull Wishing you well-being & freedom, Tina DeMember EFT Practitioner & Health Coach


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