Have you noticed how much self-care, education, and being actively involved in your health help you see the outside influences taking up space in your mind?

As I become more in tune with my health, I realize how quickly those influences can instigate a downward spiral and how it's up to me to make choices to reverse that process. 

When I began thinking about this, in that eureka moment, I envisioned reclaimed wood. No matter what that wood was used for, how long it stood, or where it ended up, it's still together, looking beat up but full of life with blues and greens and some pink peeking through; a little orange cuz' you can be contemplative and still be sassy, obvi.

As I painted, I realized how much of myself I give away, resent, then wish I had back later. I've lost hours reliving relationships gone sour, behaviors I once had before I had coping skills, and what will happen to me and my illness as I get older. All those questions, and more, keep me from the essential thing that keeps me balanced; it keeps me from living in the moment.

Well, I said things would be different now that I'm 50. I meant it. I no longer wish to spend my days ruminating over the past or making up and adjusting for anything that could happen in the future.

I choose to put my physical, mental, and emotional health above all else. 

Therefore, I reclaim the space in my mind. I reclaim my space on this planet. I reclaim my right to get angry, be sad, take a day off, take three days off, get up early, go to bed late, do many things, or do nothing. 

It's my life. I reclaim myself.

What will you do to Reclaim yourself?

This design was created on a 48x60 canvas with acrylic paint, ink, and lots of water (I make such a mess). I painted most of it in my living room, and it's now hanging on my bedroom wall. I lightened up the design for the clothing based on what I thought would be more practical and flattering.

The Reclaim Design is part of the Beyond the Scars Collection Fall22/Winter23.

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